Custom Orthotics

Computerized Gait Scan Analysis


Our office utilizes The Orthotic Group Gait Scan Analysis.  The benefit of this system is the high level of quantitative data that it produces in order to design the custom orthotic for you.  Most scanners or systems of the past use neutral casting or static scanning to determine the proper supports.  We move all day long, walk, run, squat and bend all of which put pressure on the foot which translates to the knee hips and spine. Would it not make sense to see what happens to our feet in these motion patterns? Our system scans the foot in its dynamic pattern so we can interpret where the foot is breaking down and correct it effectively.  The Doctor will spend their time during the initial assessment to effectively scan, exam your gait pattern and evaluate your current footware to effectively asses what type of orthotic is correct for you.


The following presentation will be able to provide you with more information about the process and how our office can assist you.


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