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Kettlebell training is the superior method of body weight training using minimal equipment to obtain the maximum results!!  Our office has been using this type of training to help our patients, athletes rehabilitate and enhance performance.  We offer private instructional setting for fast results, improved body tone and quick strength gains.  All our instructors are RKC certified and posses the most advanced understanding of the bodies movement.  With many hours of training and instructing behind our programs the trainers are going to be able to help you get the results you want fast and give you the tools to maintain your training.

Our program begins with in depth assessment of your current body composition using high level BIA analysis to determine how the body is in its current state.  We then asses the bodies functional movements to determine where your body is strong and weak in order to tailor the correction aspect according to your needs.  With all the quantitative data and recordings we can easily enhance your training experience with quick results.

Imagine using Kettlebells of 28kg within only a few months of training!!!!! 

Have our trainers instruct you on pure strength training and reap the benefits (stronger core, leaner, more energy toned physique) for the rest of your life!


Jason Agrella, your training partner

I was always over weight as a child.  When I was a young teen I deiced to make a change. I picked up team sports, I picked up the weights, and within a year I had lost over 70 pounds! After competing in team sports for several years I realized I enjoyed training more than playing sports. I began training hard and competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting. After much hard training I was beginning to brake down. Enter the kettlebell. A friend and coworker of mine had finally talked me into trying kettlebell training. I was blown away and instantly hooked. It was the hardest workout of my life. Never had anyone, in such a short time, challenged me so hard with no aggravation from past injuries. After a few months I had achieved my highest fitness level ever and my back and shoulders became a non-issue! Now I take this tool and training style to all who are in need."


  • National College of Exercise Professionals
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Apex Fitness
  • Russian Kettlebell Certification
  • Functional Movement Systems
  • Z-health Personal Trainer
  • Y-balance Certified

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Carl Canning RKC, FMS, Z-Health,

I have been involved with aquatics since 1997.  In 2007 I was Team Captain and MVP at De Anza College.  I also earned the Scholar Athlete of the Year award in 2008. I have coached youth water polo and swimming since 2007.  After my last water polo season I had to receive surgery on my shoulder and physical therapy for lower back pain.  After I had recovered and got back on a workout routine I would continue to have a lot of pain after just a few weeks.  It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to Kettlebell lifting that I finally had a workout routine that not only got me in shape and stronger faster than any exercise I had done in the past, but also without causing pain to my injuries.  Not only did it not cause pain during and after my workouts, but after a short while I didn’t have pain in my shoulders or back during any activity! It wasn’t long until I was in the best shape of my life and swimming faster without any pain.  I also lost all the weight I had gain post-surgery faster than I thought was possible and had much more energy through out the day.  I think Kettlebells are applicable for all athletes of any sport, and are the fastest way to achieve elite strength and fitness!  I have now become certified as an RKC Kettlebell trainer, Funtional Movement Systems trainer and Z-Health personal trainer.  I am excited to see my clients reached their strength and performance goals while progressing them in a safe and systematic training system.  The movement and analysis we provide help get you stronger, leaner and faster with any activity you are training for.


  • Russian Kettlebell Certification
  • Functional Movement Systems
  • Z-health Personal Trainer
  • Y-balance certified

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