Shoulder Pain

I had experienced several right shoulder injuries to the point where I was not able to raise my right arm normally beyond a few degrees.  It was very painful and impaired my ability to perform my job as a wound and Ostomy Nurse Specialist.  I was unable to reach out my arm and pick up as little as a cup of tea.  I could not sleep at night because of my right sided pain.

I was having significant pain, in spite of taking over the counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories.  I went to my orthopedic surgeon who determined there was not a tear requiring surgical intervention and who recommended physical therapy.  I went to therapy and received some improvement but re-injured the same complex joint 3 additional times.

I felt I needed pain relief so, for the first time in my life, I went to several acupuncture treatments.  They did help relieve some of the pain but did nothing to return function to the joint.

My acupuncturist suggested "Rolfing" to increase movement.  I wanted to go to someone I felt I could trust as a professional.  I went to Dr. Jindal who I learned practiced Active Release Therapy.

I found the original assessment of injury to be very carefully done, finding the specific muscle groups and attachments where the problem originated.  We began with active release treatments followed by ice and electrical stimulation, then always by specific exercises that I was to do to maintain the release of adhesions I had suffered.  The improvements progressed slowly from bit by bit to large improvements over briefer time periods.  Dr. Jindal was sensitive to my somewhat low tolerance of pain and worked with me at my own speed.  The treatments and exercises were changed to move the focus to other areas in my shoulder until I reached 180 degree movement in the shoulder without any pain.


I began coming for initial assessment and treatments in May.  Overall I had lived with the injury for about 24 months or more with re-injuries and exacerbations throughout that time.  Within 4 months I have achieved 95-100% recovery.  I am now focused on doing the strengthening exercises needed to keep my body able to maintain the flexibility I desire and need for my work and recreation.

I learned that using my body incorrectly to compensate for areas of weakness creates it's own problems.  The adhesions I developed were able to be released and the muscles returned to proper function.  For maintenance, I need to continue to do my prescribed exercises and need to only see Dr. Jindal occasionally for follow up. 

 The entire experience has been very gratifying.  I am able to work fully, enjoy bicycling vacations with my husband and have the joy of being virtually pain free with the use of my right arm and shoulder.

Nancy Woodward, Sunnyvale CA


Tennis Elbow

I was battling my second episode with tennis elbow when I met Dr Jindal at a tennis tournament in Sunnyvale. He examined me immediately and provided some treatment that instantly helped with the pain in my elbow. I immediately set up an appointment with him and went to see him the following week. After about 2 weeks of treatment from Dr Jindal, my tennis elbow pain was gone. That is quite remarkable considering the fact that my first bout with tennis elbow sidelined me for months!!

Dr Jindal's approach was effective and comprehensive. He is very experienced in several approaches to dealing with sports injuries and he willingly educated me on what I was experiencing and the several therapeutical approaches he employed in helping me with my problems.

In addition to my tennis elbow, Dr Jindal also worked on several issues he diagnosed during my initial evaluation at his office. He taught me several exercises that I can employ in the prevention of all these issues, he even showed me exercises that have actually improved my tennis game!! I plan to continue seeing Dr Jindal.

Augustine Ogundimu, Sunnyvale CA

Low Back Pain/Kettlebell Training

I worked with Dr. Jindal for a year on a persistent back problem that has bothered me for years and was worsened recently by stress.  We started a program of injury recovery followed by health maintenance that addressed not only hip and back alignment, but also flexibility and fitness, and I really feel we created a truly holistic solution for my back care.  For fitness Dr. Jindal trains with Kettlebells, which are an amazingly quick and effective way to become really strong for any sport without adding a lot of bulk.  Here’s my proof – I just moved my office and my home from California to Colorado, which meant packing about 40 cardboard boxes, carrying both boxes and furniture into storage, and sitting during long distances of air and car travel – and my back is fine, not even a hint of a problem.  My 40-year-old back is feeling strong and acting like it’s 18 again:  thank you Vid!  I heartily recommend Dr. Jindal to anyone who is looking for a truly permanent recovery of their injury and a healthy return to their favorite sports.

Anne Marie Oien, Colorado

Knee Pain

I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment provided by Dr.Vid. I came to his office with extreme pain in my right knee. He asked me the reason, diagnosed the issue and started treating me. The effects showed up within 1 week and I could see the progress. The best part of Dr.Vid's treatment is that he explains you the medical and technical issues involved in detail. This makes you feel comfortable and relaxed about the treatment. The exercises taught by him are very useful and can be practiced at home. Apart from providing good treatment, he also helps you to get into a fitness routine that is of valuable knowledge. Treatment took about 2-3 months.  Learned the mechanics of the leg/muscle movement and exercises’ to keep the problem under control.

Kaushik Macherla, Sunnyvale CA

Low Back Pain

When I met Dr.Vid I had already received many similar treatments from other doctors in the past. I thought I had good results before but the treatments with Dr. Vid were different from the first day. His examination process was the most comprehensive I had been through and the attention to detail was impressive. He found things in the first five minutes that had been overlooked by other Chiropractors after MANY treatments. He was the first doctor to communicate clearly what was going on and how to fix it.  He was also the first doctor to set a realistic timetable for recovery. This was all the more impressive given the severity and variety of issues. As a former athlete, competitive powerlifter, trainer and bodybuilder I had amassed some real problems that had brought my training to a stand still. Dr. Vid has taken me out of constant pain, brought my muscular balance back from the dead and helped me back to working out and competing at the high level I have set for my self. I will always be eternally grateful for the treatments as I had all but accepted that I would no longer be able to train how I wanted. This treatment program is the BEST I have encountered and have recommended it to all my clients!

Jason Agrella, NASM, RKC Certified Personal Trainer

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