Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy


Our office uses Triton DTS System for treatment of herniated and bulging disks.  The DTS system has been around for 25 years and our office has the most recent table with computerized tracking protocols, and advanced belting system.  Each patient that goes on the treatment table will be assigned and individualized tracking card to record the progress of each treatment.  We offer a very unique approach to our Decompression treatments and make sure the patient is cared for as a whole by incorporating the proper deep tissue muscle work, nerve entrapment areas and corrective exercises to strengthen the weak muscles so the pain never returns.  After your thorough examination and consultation the Doctor will be able to give you a set protocol in order to start the healing process immediately.  We offer affordable treatment plans and convenient financial packages to help you through the process.



Neck Pain/Herniated Disk C5/C6

I had tingling down my left arm to my thumb and index finger.  It was fairly constant, but it got worse if I tilted my head back.

I was seeing a different chiropractor, who did standard adjustments and galvanic after the adjustments

After hearing about how the DTS system worked, I thought it had a good chance of alleviating my symptoms.  It was a lot less invasive than surgery, and definitely worth a try!

During my regular office visits, I would be on the DTS for about 20 minutes, then Dr. Vid would perform a combination of active release, standard adjustments, and acupressure, followed by galvanic/ice.  Between visits, I performed prescribed stretches and strengthening exercises a couple times a day.  I am an avid bicyclist, but I stayed off the bike until we got my symptoms under control.

I started seeing Dr. Vid 3 times a week, starting in early October of 2007.  On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was able to get back on my bicycle and ride without triggering symptoms.  We gradually reduced the frequency of my treatments; I only see Dr. Vid once every 4 weeks, and I've been symptom free for over 2 years.

I've gotten many anatomy lessons during my treatments!  I've learned that my body responds well to regular exercise, and that being on a maintenance schedule with Dr. Vid helps keep my symptoms at bay. 


Melissa Mann, Milpitas CA


Low Back Pain/Disk Herniation L5/S1

 I originally had excruciating pain in my low back and tingling down my left leg into my toes that caused me to be very debilitated.  I was seeing a chiropractor for adjustments and some cox flexion treatment which helped a little but the excruciating tingling and back pain always came back.  When I first met Dr. Jindal I had already had an MRI of my low back and the imagining was positive for multiple level disc bulge of L1-L5, the most was at L5/S1 of 10 mm.  A neurologist gave several options: take pain medications and if not working, undergo a series of injection to block the pain and see how it would go from there, and the last resort surgery.  Well I have always been one for natural health and let the body heal on its own so I checked out other options and came across decompression therapy.  I was impressed by the claims that the disk can actually heal itself with progressive treatments.  Dr. Jindal was using the Triton DTS decompression system in his office.     Dr. Jindal followed the same initial format but he also did ART and Graston to the affected muscles entrapping the nerve as well as worked all the entrapment sites.  He also gave me weekly core progression to ensure my back became stronger as we slowed treatment frequency.  I have never been so pleased and impressed with the level of care and commitment to making sure I stayed on my exercise program and continued getting stronger.  I now see him periodically every few months to maintain the type of work we did. 

Dr. Jim Maeno DDS (retired), Sunnyvale CA


Neck Pain/Disk Herniation C5/C6

My cervical disk bulges caused difficulty just reaching  for my garage door remote control.  The pain was severe enough that I was dispensed steroids and prescription analgesics, and I pursued epidural injections.  Just before I started these strong medications, Dr. Jindal initiated decompression, and other chiropractic treatments.  While I had to stop bicycling for several months, this care helped me to run competitively and achieve some personal bests, including a 98th place finish at Bay to Breakers.  Now with Dr. Jindal's help, I am again biking over 100 miles per week, and those medications remain sealed in their original packages.  I'm so thankful I never had to get those injections, and I appreciate Dr. Jindal's high quality care.


Dr. Jonathan Slater, DC, QME, CCSP, EMT

16575 Los Gatos-Almaden Rd., Suite A

Los Gatos, CA 95032



Low Back Pain and Tingling/Disk Bulges Multiple Level

When I first came in to see Dr. Vid I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my left foot.    My MRI showed small disc bulges on multiple levels.  Dr. Vid explained that my symptoms were a result of years of dysfunctional movement patterns that had essentially become soft tissue restrictions that need to be addressed to prevent more damage to my discs. After the initial assessment, I began his treatment plan which compromised of decompression, soft tissue work, nerve entrapments and corrective exercise. I had been to PT’s before and the treatment involved decompression and not much else I was excited that Dr Vid had a plan to get me back to playing tennis competitively. I experienced more relief with my tingling on Dr. Vid’s treatment plan after 8 treatments that I did with 6 months of physical therapy.


As a strength coach and competitive athlete, I am very grateful that I was referred to Dr Vid.  If you are experiencing pain that is lingering I highly recommend you do your body a favor and pay him a visit. He will get you back to health so you can return to the “playing field”.


Shyam Soin, Saratoga CA
Owner and Manager of Zenith Strength Santa Clara






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